A challenging nine days are ahead of you! They will be even more adventurous with the program that we have designed so that everyone finds themselves in an activity and creates unforgettable memories from our VI Jamboree … And here is the plan:

The first day is arrival and check-in.

At the reception, at the very entrance, you will receive a participant package and a bracelet that will be your ticket for all planned activities. On the first day, your leader will introduce you in detail with all the rules and schedule, as well as with the land where you will spend your 9 days with friends from 15 different countries. Also, upon arrival, you will set up your camp. All participants are divided into four groups that will be marked with different colors.

Follow your color and color your summer as you step into Mima’s adventures!

For the next four days (July 29, 30, 31 and August 1), excursions are planned according to the rotation system. Your task is only to follow the agenda of your group, leave the rest to us…

And here are the adventures each participant will go through:

You will visit the city of Nikšić…

Right after breakfast, the bus picks you up, because there is no time to waste! You are in Nikšić at 11 a.m. and you visit the mapped sights until 3 p.m. After that, you will have free time until 6 p.m. We offer you to spend time in the city swimming pool, or simply continue your sightseeing and return to the places which caught your attention. At 6 p.m. the bus is waiting for you, you return to the camp and enjoy the evening program together with the other participants!

You will visit the city of Kotor…

A bit different adventure is waiting for you in Kotor. At 10 a.m, the bus takes you to a place called Morinj, and the real adventure starts when you board the ship! For a while you will cruise along our beautiful Boka… You will see numerous Adriatic beauties, you will stop to see the Lady of Škrpjela and Perast up close, you will observe from the ship what is happening in Tivat, and then you will disembark in Kotor! There you get a map again and by 2 p.m. you can visit the planned sights and attractions that this city has to offer. You will, of course, have free time… As there is no jumping from the ship into the sea, we suggest that you use your free time by going down to the nearby beach and enjoy the sunny day. Just be careful not to get carried away and lose track of time… The bus is waiting for you according to the agreed schedule, and activities continue in our camp.

You will visit Grahovo…

Maybe at first it will seem like just a rural village that doesn’t have much content, but Grahovo hides numerous interesting and beautiful things. It’s up to you how you will organize your time and if you wil find out its secrets. We will organize a tour to Dvrsnik, if you are ready to face the path. If you aren’t, you will definitely enjoy visiting the monument of Sava Kovačević, the cave, the wealth of the “Kovačević” arboretum, activities on the lake,… You don’t even know, dear reader, what is waiting for you! Don’t underestimate the contents offered by Grahovo, you might regret it later.

Life in Camp

One group will always be in the camp and enjoy the activities of Grahovo. A sports program is planned (volleyball, football, archery, shooting, cycling, kayaking), art workshops, craft workshops, creative workshops, social games, education on the topic of mental health, responsible ownership of animals, recycling, ecology, flora and fauna of the forest, first aid, scouting workshops (topography/orientation/skills),… What we know for sure is – it will be difficult for you to choose which specific activity you want to devote yourself to! With all this, your time will pass quickly, and you will enjoy the cultural and entertainment program together with all the participants of the Jamboree.

The sixth day is the favorite day of all major scouting activities, including the Jamborees! After various trips and adventures, on the sixth day we all stay together in the camp and prepare for the international day. Each country should prepare its stand. Bring everything you want and which you think will best represent the culture and traditions of the country you are coming from. Prepare activities with the team, but also materials that visitors at your stand will be able to take as a souvenir of your friendship, international day, and the Jamboree in general! We also offer you time on stage… If you want to recite something in your language, sing, dance, put on a movie… Contact with a program team and let us know on time so that we can facilitate the implementation of what you have planned!

The seventh and eighth days will show how responsible we are as individuals who create a better world and how much we respect the scout law that a scout is a useful member of his community who protects the environment. Ecological activities and socially beneficial work are planned. In particular, we will arrange the Grahovo forest and the area around the Grahovl lake. Also, the children’s park, as well as the school yard and the facade that needs to be redecorated, are in the queue for tidying up. In short, we will have our hands full, but with our joint efforts, we will manage to complete the mentioned activities within the planned period and, of course, have fun along the way!

On the ninth day, after having a good breakfast, we close the tents, clean the area and go home, taking the best memories with us!

This is a brief explanation of most of the activities that will happen during the day, but don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten to fill in the evening. We will be entertained by Anja, Simona and Luka, with their party “Jutro” which is inspired by music from the series “Morning will change everything”, Todor Gogić from the team of Radio “Krš”, WHO SEE band, our scout band Parental Advisory, Autogeni training, as well as the TRIBE band.We don’t need to mention that there will also be a formal opening and closing ceremony of the Jamboree.

Are you ready to step into the adventure?!

Write to me if you have any doubts or concerns! I can’t wait for you to come to Grahovo!


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